Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Cat Bells - Christmas 2013

It was a quick get away in-between christmas and new years that led us up to the lake district with the family. It was an over indulgent time where much eating and drinking were done. However with the weather as glorious as this it'd be rude not to walk up something.

So Cat Bells it was, nothing too strenuous, but high enough to get great views over Derwent Water, and for the mountainous breeze to blow away a few cobwebs.

Disappointingly there isn't a kern on the top for the Muffin to stand on, so he had to satisfy himself with taking panoramic photo's, and snap shots of all the other walkers who had the same ideas us this day.

Crib y Ddysgl

Once more we found ourselves a trig point, shrouded in cloud, battered by the wind and generally damp from the relentless drizzle, but it didn't deter the Muffin at all. This time we are on the top of Crib y Ddysgl, a mid point in our days scrambling adventure.  We'd started out up Snowdon in the morning and were making our way across to Crib Goch in a nice little loop back to the pub for a few drinks. Accompanied and generally encouraged by our friends Pete and Stu (the sensible* ones with their feet on the ground)*I use this word in the loosest of terms.

The jaunty angle here isn't a pose, but an indication of wind strength as the Muffin tried to stand up straight. I've heard a rumour that the views on this route are great, but they weren't anywhere to be seen this day. Maybe next time? 10th March 2012.

This adventure we also learnt the very important lesson of carrying a sensible supply of water with you. One 0.5 litre bottle of Volvic between two, certainly falls under the error category.